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History. Foundation principles

Unicomp StaffUnicomp CJSC was established in 1996 on the base of the “Nairi-91” well known company, which, in turn, was based on the so-called “cooperative” company (“born” in 1988 by Gorbachov`s perestroika) by a group of young engineers led by then-25-year-old Armen Baldryan to develop software for local banks. Unicomp survived all the hardship of the first half of 90-s and currently is proud of its achievements.

The main goal of the company’s creation was to improve quality of services and enlargement of the assortment of the goods through promotion of advanced solutions of the IT world leaders in the Armenian market.

According to the Founding CEO of Unicomp Armen Baldryan, there were three basic principles, to achieve that goal.

1. Unicomp does not consider selling of a product as a one-time-action, but considers it as just a beginning of cooperation and business partnership with the client. And exactly this idea was fundamental at the establishment of Unicomp back in 1996;

2. Another principle was to provide a wide range of goods and importantly with correspondingly wide range of prices. Of course, the maximal quality of products should not be compromised.

ISO 9001 - Unicomp      When speaking about quality, it must be mentioned that well-known British Global Certification Ltd organization yet in March 2002 awarded Unicomp CJSC with ISO-9001 certificate (reg. num. 016770) for quality management in assembly, installation, selling, support and repairing of computers, servers and mobile systems; turnkey IT solutions; design, installation and support of LANs, WANs and Cluster systems. That document was approved later by the UKAS - United Kingdom Accreditation Service. But to provide that very quality a team of high-skilled professionals is needed, capable to solve all possible problems that a company may face. And, to note, such giants as Intel and Hewlett Packard have certified Unicomp employees. The employees are being regularly trained in partner companies both for dealing with new equipment and for sales and marketing;

3. Coming back to competences of Unicomp, one must mention that the company is not only making R&D, assembling, selling, repairing of hardware, but also offers the so-called complex (end) solutions: hardware+ software+ servicing, including e-government, e-business, e-education, etc.

Intel Inside

Intel Premier PartnerIntel Premier Provider Intel Pentium 4

In 1999 an important event marked the history of Unicomp: the company became the first and stayed for a long time the only non-Russian company granted by Intel, one of the global IT giants, the world leader in production of processors for PCs, with the newly established status of Intel® Premier Provider*. This is the top status that a company-integrator could receive from Intel. And as a Premier Provider certified in assembling of servers based on platforms with Intel® Itanium 2, the newest and the most powerful processor, Unicomp actually is still unique in South Caucasus and Central Asia. The latter status gave a chance to the company to start fully-fledged production of clusters by autumn 2004.

* Note. Since January 6, 2006, as a result of Intel® Premier Provider Program name change, Unicomp, alike other Intel® Premier Providers, has become a Premier Member of the Intel® Channel Partner Program.


Armen Baldryan, Shane Wall and Bill Siu

Unicomp CEO Armen Baldryan with two First Vice Presidents of Intel,

Intel® Centrino - Wi-Fi network

Intel® Centrino - Wi-Fi network Intel® CentrinoObviously, notebooks based on Intel® Centrino™ technology are lightweight and have powerful batteries. Unicomp produces them since June 2004, and this is of special pride for the company. Currently they produce eight models of notebooks – 50 units each month, and, as they claim, Unicomp is able to raise its capacity to 1000 per month.
These notebooks are able to provide wireless access to Internet. It’s notable hat the team of young winners of the First PanArmenian Contest of Programmers organized by the Union of Information Technology Enterprises of Armenia (UITE) and the Armenian IT Enterprises Incubator Foundation (EIF) which was held in June 2004, was awarded with first notebook ever made in Armenia!

It’s important to note that in accordance with an agreement signed between Unicomp and Converse Bank yet in the fall of 2004 students can buy notebooks through a low interest rate credit by paying at front only 20% of the total price which starts from 900 USD and then pay only 30-40 USD per month during next 30 months. The price of the notebooks is 30-40% less than the price of the same computers abroad. This low price is a result of combination of right selection of components and implementation of just-in-time technology.

But to implement the wireless, a network of hotspots based on Wi-Fi technology is needed to be installed in a number of public areas.
At the moment a number of hotspots are set by Arminco, a local Internet provider, in various places of the city of Yerevan, i. e. in cafes such as Poplavok, others, and that network actually covers the Komitas Avenue of Armenia's capital. One should add that the famous resort of Tsaghkadzor has become the first town of Armenia completely covered by Wi-Fi network.
One must point out that Arminco signed an agreement with Intel to provide broadband wireless access to Internet in Yerevan area during Intel – Government of Armenia talks held in September of 2005 in Yerevan. Notably, from the very beginning of 2006 number of those who desire to have wireless access to the Internet has grown significantly.
And high-class spesialists of Unicomp established hotspots networks in the Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) State University (RAU), Yerevan State University (YSU) und the State Engineering University of Armenia (SEUA) to provide wireless access to the Internet in the mentioned instututions.

Intel® Centrino® Duo – new era in mobile computing


Intel® Centrino DuoCentrino DuoBy April 2006 Unicomp has started batch production of a new notebook based on the newest and most advanced IntelO CentrinoO Duo platform, which, in turn is based on the so-called dual core technology. It’s notable that for the first time, Intel mobile dual core technology is optimized for notebook PCs. The most up-to-date model of notebook advances all four vectors of mobile computers development: Is faster: more than 70% on leading industry benchmarks; More Wi-Fi connectivity features; Thin and light design: 30% reduction on Intel component size which means longer battery life; 28% less power on Intel components size (footprint) from original IntelO Centrino™ Mobile Technology (CMT, - introduced in March 2003) products, without sacrificing performance and power. It’s important to note that performance of Core Duo allows great entertainment experiences such as immersive visual experience, vibrant graphics, media boost, surround sound, and others. As Alexey Kamaev, Intel Technologies, Inc Manager for Kazakhstan and Central Asia / Southern Caucasus Countries said in Yerevan Avan Villa Hotel on March 10 during the opening ceremony of “One Thousand and One Day of Centrino” Program aimed at presenting newest dual core technology–based notebook, mass production of such notebook is a milestone on the road to the era of dual-core technologies providing commencement of a new era in mobile computing and home digital entertainment. Within the framework of a month-long Program which was targeted first of all on students, the new notebook was widely presented at Armenia’s various universities, other institutions, and also at the Building ad Reconstruction’ 2006 International Exhibition which was held in Yerevan on March 30 – April 1.


And an important note.

In addition to a contract signed between Unicomp and the Converse Bank yet in 2004 which allows students to buy earlier, Intel® CentrinoO technology-based notebook through a low-interest credit, a new, similar agreement was signed between the two according to which students can purchase the newest, IntelO CentrinoO Duo technology-based mobile PC using low interest rate credit. They should pay down only 20% of the total price as the first installment, later having to pay only 30-40 USD/month for the next 2.5 years.


Unicomp and Intel Corporative Academic Program

It is important to mention that Unicomp is concerned not only about upgrading permanently its employees’ professional level but also about support the improvement of IT-experience of students in Armenia. Yet in March 2004 Unicomp was the driving force in organizing Intel Computer Knowledge Days at the Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) State University (RAU). The Grand-Prix, a PC with Intel® Pentium 4 processor based on the newest Hyper-Threading technology, was drawn among students, and another similar computer was presented to the RAU itself.
As for the year 2005, similar events were carried out by Intel-Unicomp on March 15-17 at the Yerevan State University (YSU), and a bit later, in May 2005 – at the State Engineering University of Armenia (SEUA).
In both Universities a notebook based on Intel® Centrino™ technology was drawn among students, and each University itself was presented with the same mobile PC.

Unicomp and Intel Academic Program

Unicomp and Intel Academic Program

Unicomp and Intel Academic Program

Russian - Armenian State

(Slavonic) University

Yerevan State University

State Engineering University

of Armenia

A notable event has taken place on April 29, 2005 - Intel and Unicomp presented to Yerevan Secondary School N198 a whole mobile computer classroom completely equipped with above-mentioned notebooks based on Intel® Centrino™ techology. (See the photos below).

Unicomp and Intel Academic Program

Unicomp and Intel Academic Program

In opinion of the then - General Manager of Intel for CIS Ian Drew (third from left in the left photograph), who arrived Armenia to participate in aforementioned event, support to the educational and scientific initiatives is a part of global strategy of Intel Corporation. Since the Intel Corporative Academic Program in Russia and other CIS countries was launched in 1997, Intel has invested more than 8 mln USD in its implementation.

What does business mean for Unicomp?


ammlogo-smalllogitdscAn extract from an interview with Armen Baldryan published in Delovoy Express business weekly (N38, September2003)  would answer this question the best:
“.... business is not only a way to gain money, but first of all opportunity to realize your ideas, to bring them into life - those who strive just to get maximal profit, sooner or later go away from the market.
I am confident that sustained business-relations can be based only on mutual trust. Generally speaking, business, first of all, is honesty”. And, as we believe, one of the major evidences of that is the fact that Unicomp, a company having only 29 people personnel, is one of the most accurate and large tax-payers of Armenia.
As for business, one must note that Unicomp is an active member of Armenia’s business community: the company is a member of Yerevan branch of the Trade and Commerce Chamber of Armenia, a “Gold Sustaining Member” of Armenian branch of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), and also a founding member of the Union of International Technology Enterprises of Armenia (UITE).
And the company’s CEO Armen Baldryan is a member of Union of Manufacturers and Buisnessmen of Armenia, member of IT Development Support Council of Armenia (ITDSC, - chaired by the Prime Minister of Armenia), one of nine members of Solutions Advisory Council of Intel Techologies, Inc.


AmCham members
A meeting of AmCham members.
Fourth from right - Unicomp CEO Armen Baldryan



After looking through the previous pages an impressive list of respectable clients of Unicomp doesn’t seem occasional at all: the Government of the Republic of Armenia (including MFA, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Finance and Economy, Ministry of Education and Science, others), National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia, foreign embassies and international organizations: American, Chinese, Russian, French, British, German, Iranian; OSCE, USDA, GTZ, Amyot Exco, KPMG, Eurasia Foundation, large business entities like Zigzag Electronics, Rusal, Shoghakn, Grand holding, banks: HSBC, Armenia, Armimpexbank; leading IT-companies: Armentel, Armenian Software, Virage Logic, Synopsys Armenia, Lycos Armenia; NGOs: Armenian Bible Society, Foundation for Development of Science and Advanced Technologies, mass media representatives: Armenia TV, Internews, and the Yerevan Press Club.
According to CEO of Unicomp Armen Baldryan, the company’s turnover was doubled within last 3-4 year. There are two main reasons why more and more enterprises including small ones and individuals (among them there are many average people) buy computers from Unicomp: first, they realize that no success in any sphere is possible without good PC plus advanced IT solutions and, second, the prices offered by the company are very reasonable. This fact, in turn, is an evidence of growing economy and living standards, states Mr Baldryan.


International exhibitions and forums

Unicomp has always been eager to participate in such events like Infotek, Medical Expo, Digitec exhibitions organized in Armenia.

Digitec 2005

MedExpo 2005

Digitec 2005

MedExpo 2005

It participates also to international exhibitions like BITKOM, CeBIT, because they give opportunities to be aware all the news of IT industry, and to make forecasts on the further development of the market.

Armenian delegation (including Unicomp CEO A. Baldryan) also participated in the World Summit of the Information Society (WSIS) carried out under the patronage of the UN, second phase of which was held on November 16-18 of 2005 in Tunisia. The delegation was headed by Armenia`s Prime Minister Andranik Margaryan. As it was reported, “Aram Khachatrian: Life and Works” disc presented by Armenia was awarded the main prize for its best interactive contents.

Intel pavilion

Armenian Prime Minister Andranik Margaryan

familiarizing with the Intel pavilion

Taking this opportunity it was decided to upgrade furthermore Intel-Armenian Government relations. So a meeting between HE the Prime Minister and Intel President Dr Craig Barrett was organized.

At the pavilion of the company they demonstrated to Mr Margaryan, among others, the latest achievements related to the wireless access to Internet – i.e. Wi-Fi and Wi-Max technology, and also educational and special programs for emerging countries.For instance, China's achievements in IT area today, 15 years after they have started to work with Intel, are impressive. During his private conversation with top-ranking representatives of the company Mr Margaryan suggested to examine possibilities of implementation of pilot programs by using the mentioned technology in Armenia, which may be helpful in assisting to provide access to the Internet in the Marzes (provinces) as well. They also discussed prospects of establishment of educational centers of Intel in Armenia.


Social-charitable activities

Since 1998, Unicomp provides sustained financial support for the families of those military    servicemen who sacrificed their lives in the name of freedom and independence of Armenia and Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh Republic), and also for disabled servicemen.
Unicomp is actively involved in the country’s social life.
Thus, the company sponsored traditional climbing to Aragats mountain by members of Punick, the Association of Invalids of Armenia in September, 2003.(See the photo bellow).

Unicomp -

Unicomp also provided technical assistance to the popular
"Ardzagank" FM 103.5 Radio.

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