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Intel® Centrino® Duo – new era in mobile computing


Intel® Centrino DuoCentrino DuoBy April 2006 Unicomp has started batch production of a new notebook based on the newest and most advanced IntelO CentrinoO Duo platform, which, in turn is based on the so-called dual core technology. It’s notable that for the first time, Intel mobile dual core technology is optimized for notebook PCs. The most up-to-date model of notebook advances all four vectors of mobile computers development: Is faster: more than 70% on leading industry benchmarks; More Wi-Fi connectivity features; Thin and light design: 30% reduction on Intel component size which means longer battery life; 28% less power on Intel components size (footprint) from original IntelO Centrino™ Mobile Technology (CMT, - introduced in March 2003) products, without sacrificing performance and power. It’s important to note that performance of Core Duo allows great entertainment experiences such as immersive visual experience, vibrant graphics, media boost, surround sound, and others. As Alexey Kamaev, Intel Technologies, Inc Manager for Kazakhstan and Central Asia / Southern Caucasus Countries said in Yerevan Avan Villa Hotel on March 10 during the opening ceremony of “One Thousand and One Day of Centrino” Program aimed at presenting newest dual core technology–based notebook, mass production of such notebook is a milestone on the road to the era of dual-core technologies providing commencement of a new era in mobile computing and home digital entertainment. Within the framework of a month-long Program which was targeted first of all on students, the new notebook was widely presented at Armenia’s various universities, other institutions, and also at the Building ad Reconstruction’ 2006 International Exhibition which was held in Yerevan on March 30 – April 1.


And an important note.

In addition to a contract signed between Unicomp and the Converse Bank yet in 2004 which allows students to buy earlier, Intel® CentrinoO technology-based notebook through a low-interest credit, a new, similar agreement was signed between the two according to which students can purchase the newest, IntelO CentrinoO Duo technology-based mobile PC using low interest rate credit. They should pay down only 20% of the total price as the first installment, later having to pay only 30-40 USD/month for the next 2.5 years.

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