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What does business mean for Unicomp?
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What does business mean for Unicomp?


ammlogo-smalllogitdscAn extract from an interview with Armen Baldryan published in Delovoy Express business weekly (N38, September2003)  would answer this question the best:
“.... business is not only a way to gain money, but first of all opportunity to realize your ideas, to bring them into life - those who strive just to get maximal profit, sooner or later go away from the market.
I am confident that sustained business-relations can be based only on mutual trust. Generally speaking, business, first of all, is honesty”. And, as we believe, one of the major evidences of that is the fact that Unicomp, a company having only 29 people personnel, is one of the most accurate and large tax-payers of Armenia.
As for business, one must note that Unicomp is an active member of Armenia’s business community: the company is a member of Yerevan branch of the Trade and Commerce Chamber of Armenia, a “Gold Sustaining Member” of Armenian branch of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), and also a founding member of the Union of International Technology Enterprises of Armenia (UITE).
And the company’s CEO Armen Baldryan is a member of Union of Manufacturers and Buisnessmen of Armenia, member of IT Development Support Council of Armenia (ITDSC, - chaired by the Prime Minister of Armenia), one of nine members of Solutions Advisory Council of Intel Techologies, Inc.


AmCham members
A meeting of AmCham members.
Fourth from right - Unicomp CEO Armen Baldryan

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