May 13, 2011

Selection for the 7th Annual Educational Award
of the RA President in IT Starts

By Gourgen Khazhakian
On May 12, 2011 the annual meeting of the Committee of the Annual Educational Award of the President of the Republic of Armenia in IT Sphere with the pretenders to the Award was held at State Engineering University of Armenia (SEUA-"Polytechnic").


Armen Baldryan - Hovik Musayelyan

Tha Award Committee, from left to right: Ruben Aghgashyan,

Hovik Musayelyan, Lilit Gevorgyan, Armen Baldryan, Vazgen Melikyan...


Students of appropriate faculties from eligible Universities-SEUA, Yerevan State University (YSU), American University of Armenia (AUA),Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) State University (RAU), European Regional Academy, A. Shahinyan Physics-Math Special School, Quant College, Anania Shirakatsi College, SEUA Affiliated High School, Photon College of Gyumri, Evrika College of Vanadzor and "Mkhitar Sebastatsi" Educomplex were present there. They were quite active in asking various questions to the Committee members on conditions and details of this year's contest.

Let's remind that the main mission of the Award is to recognize and inspire the best students of IT sphere.

The Award honors students who have the highest grades, are active in social programs, have participated in different Olympiads and contests, have written scientific papers or articles, and who have comprehensive knowledge and talent.

A number of categories have been established for the winners of 2011 such as "Grand Prix", “The Best Ph.D. Student” (I and II categories), "The Best Master Student” (I and II categories), "The Best Bachelor Student (I and II categories), "The Best Diaspora Student”, "The Best Female Student”, "The Best High School Student”. The annual presidential award is financed by Synopsys Armenia CJSC.

The first awarding was held in 2005, and 18 best students and pupils were awarded. Within all the following years number of participants and the awarded has been growing steadily, and in 2010 there were 180 pretenders already, 37 of which were awarded.

In 2008 the Winners Club of the Annual Educational Award of the President of the Republic of Armenia in IT Sphere was established.

"The mission of this Award is to recognize the best IT Students and encourage them to continue to do their best. The Awarding Committee chooses brilliant young people based not only on their marks but also on their individual talents and personal characteristics. So the Award Winners should feel responsibility to lead Armenia into the next stage of IT development", said Dr Hovik Musayelyan, Chairman of the Awarding Committee, Director of Synopsys Armenia and member of the Public Council under RA President.


Annual Educational Award in IT

...And the pretender students


As Armen Baldryan, permanent member of the Award Committee, long time member of the IT Development Support Council under RA PM (ITDSC), Founding Director of Unicomp, - one of the most dynamic IT firms in RA as well as South Caucasus region, said in his interview with The Highlights, "it is a very good sign that from year to year the number of Armenian young people having interest in participation of the Award contests has been growing permanently". According to a prominent IT leader, "the participant students, first of all, are interested in contacts and knowledge exchange with their same age fellows from other Universities…" Asked if the spirit of competition has been prevailing among the beginner IT specialists pretending to the Presidential Award, Mr Baldryan said that rather that was "the spirit of the fellowship". Armen Baldryan informed the Weekly reporter that there were many familiar faces in the audience as both participants and the winners of previous years came to the Committee - the first ones - to try their luck for one more time, and the seconds - to participate in the Contest for a higher grade.

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