Unicomp Founding CEO Armen Baldryan Participated in the ArmTech 3 Congress

The third ArmTech Congress (which is aimed at developing of Hi­Tech and IT in Armenia) was held on November 5 to 8 in San Jose, California. Among its participants was Armen Baldryan, Founding CEO of the Unicomp CJSC, member of the Information Technology Development Support Council under the RA Prime Minister (ITDSC), also member of the Intel EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) Council.
Mr Baldryan participated in the meetings of the RA Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan with two of the world's ICT leaders: Intel and Cisco (Unicomp is their long-time, and , one could say even, No.l partner in Armenia). According to him, "it became obvious that not only Armenia, but also they are interested in coopera­tion."

Vadim Tikhonichev,Craig Barrett,Armen Baldryan,John Davis

Left to right: Vadim Tikhonichev, Craig Barrett, Armen Baldryan, John Davis

According to Armen Baldryan, evidently Armenia had roused the interest of these firms first, by its unique geographical position - as a bridge between Europe and Asia, and second, due to its intentions and ambitions indeed. As Mr Baldryan continued, "Vice President of Intel John Davis told Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan they would like to take an active part in the process of reforms in Armenia's educational system, particularly in those aimed at increasing use of PCs and information technologies in secondary schools. At another meeting, with the managers of Cisco company, the issues related to the current large-scale changes in the Armenian ICT sector, namely, IT infrastructure, elec­tronic government and gover­nance, IT education, were dis­cussed." As John Chambers, President of Cisco told the RA Prime Minister, they are also interested in cooperation with the Armenia’s ICT industry.
In the words of Armen Baldryan, it would not be an exag­geration to say that these contacts provide both Armenia and these world-leading companies with a unique opportunity to cooperate on the creation of a regional model of the E- society alike the one which was set up in Estonia about a decade ago, and now, Armenia has a chance to create a similar model. "I believe," Armen Baldryan said, "that our model will be more special and advanced one as we will effi­ciently use the latest Western technologies, combining them with the Armenian ICT compa­nies' experience that, I think, is quite considerable."
An important idea of the Congress has been that Armenian companies get chance to establish direct company-to-com­pany ties with Silicon Valley firms. However, according to Mr Baldryan, it is obvious that any deal between a private company and its foreign partners can hardly have full suc­cess unless the state holds a correct policy on the sector. Within the framework of the Congress on behalf of the RA PM a reception in honor of Dr Craig Barret, retired CEO and Chairman of the Board of the Intel Corporation was held.

The occasion was decoration of Dr Barrett with newly established Global IT Award of the RA President given “for outstanding contribution to the development of IT in the world”.

It is expected that Mr Barrett will visit Armenia in June 2010 to receive the Award from the RA President Serzh Sargsyan. In the words of Armen Baldryan, this visit will become important even which will “make” the world to speak about Armenia once again and will give new impetus to development of the country’s ICT and education system.

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