Unicomp displayed the newest powerful server based on Intel Modular Server

The 4th interna­tional ICT / hi-tec exhibition Digitec 2008 held in Yerevan on October 3-5. As Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan stated at its open­ing ceremony, the fact that number of participants and the variety of products and services displayed at the DigiTec exhibition grows year by year means that serious progress has been made in the IT and hi-tec sec­tor.

He expressed a hope that the implementation of the measures envisaged by the country's IT development new concept, which was completed last year after a year-long active discussions, will ensure a rapid development of the sector, and the continuous holding of Digitec should be a striking evi­dence of it. "I am confident that in 2-3 years we will see a qualitatively different environment forming in the sec­tor," PM T.Sargsyan said.


Digitec 2008 - Armen Baldryan

Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan at the Unicomp pavillion
with Armen Baldryan


According to Armen Baldryan, Founding CEO of Unicomp, the company which partic­ipated in all previous Digitec-s, “ such events provide the best opportunity for vari­ous IT companies to get closer, to know what does each company produce, and to demonstrate their novelties indeed”.
This year Unicomp displayed the newest powerful server based on Intel Modular Server, targeted mainly for small and medium enterprises.
By now Unicomp produces about 3,000-4,000 desktop and some five hundred note­book PCs per year - mostly from Intel and HP components.

Armen Baldryan stressed that they see tangible steps taken by the Government aimed at further development of IT sector; in par­ticular, in customs-related issues.

Alexander Bychkov, Intel World Ahead Business Development Manager, who provides consultancy for the Government of Armenia, was also present at the Expo. As Mr Bychkov said, "there is no doubt that business - in general, and its very important part, IT sector, are actively develop­ing in Armenia, and Unicomp, which is a long-time, very reliable partner for Intel, goes on success­ fully itself. That's why Intel-Unicomp cooper­ation has good prospects."
Within the framework of Digitec 2008 were held various events, such as demon­stration of "Science and Technology Museum" Documentary, - on the museum founded recently in Armenia, Digilife seminars and DigiTec Start-Up innovation forum.
Another key event of IT month, the Second ArmTech Congress 2008 on ICT/ hi-tec industry of Armenia was held in Yerevan on October 4-5.
RA PM T. Sargsyan stressed that thanks to collaboration between state and pri­vate sectors it is possible to give new impetus to the development of the IT and hi-tec sec­tor in the country. In his words, cooperation of Armenia and the Diaspora may become "our rela­tive advantage with over the com­petitor states."
The Prime Minister added that implementation of the programs developed by the Armenian gov­ernment will stimulate for a more extensive use of information tech­nologies in Armenia. Among these programs he pointed out the provision of mod­ern postal services and the intro­duction of the cumulative pension system starting from 2010.
Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ArmTech Congress, the President and Director of Impeva Labs, the Co-founder of Viasphere Technopark Foundation (Armenia) Tony Moroyan gave a speech, in which he addressed the results of ArmTech Congress 2007 held in San Francisco. He announced that by joint efforts of ArmTech Congress, the RA ministry of Economy, the USAID and the Armenian Development Agency (ADA), the Congress' Internet site will be launched in 2008, which will provide an opportunity "to unify all communities" interested in high-tech development of Armenia.

According to Mr Moroyan, the third ArmTech Congress is expected to be held in November 2009 in Silicon Valley (U.S).

At the ArmTech 2008 active discussions were held on the use of Armenia's potential in information and communication technologies, fine organic chem­istry and pharmaceutics, material science, nanotechnology, renew­able energy and other areas.

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