Unprecedented working breakfast President Sargsyan – UITE

On Apil 2 at the Armenia Marriot Hotel a long-awaited and quite remarkable event – a working breakfast of the RA President Serzh Sargsyan with the Heads of the Union of Information Technology (UITE) member companies was held. During this meeting with the President leaders of Armenian ICT industry shared with Head of state their ideas and concerns on the prospects of development of information/communication technologies in Armenia.In particular, they suggested to establish a separate governmental body (Ministry) for more effective management of ICT sector.



working breakfast President Sargsyan – UITE

In turn, President Sargsyan expressed readiness to meet reps of ICT community every two-three months, and this was considered by the latter as an “unprecedented” thing. For more details see The Noyan Tapan Highlights/Noyan Tapan l’Essentiel #16(863) 25 April issue, Mass Media about Unicomp chapter.


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