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Apacer Super-mini AH132 Flash Drive, 16GB (Red)
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Apacer Super-mini AH132 Flash Drive, 16GB (Red)
Manufacturer:  ( APACER )
6,600 AMD

Unique Thumb Grove Design and Subtle Style Bring Out The Innovative Magic
In the digital era, a compact flash drive is like a key to the digital world. By gently inserting it into a computer, countless beautiful memories can be opened up. The AH132, ultra-mini flash drive "Digital Key", has a finely crafted look. The key-shaped flash drive allows you to easily attach it to your key ring. What's more, the center of the unit features a unique groove that fits your thumb finger for improved hand grip. AH132 comes in four colors and capacity choices: "twilight yellow"(4GB), "dawn blue"(8G), "scorching-sun red"(16G) and "grass green"(32GB). Among a great variety of flash drives available in the market, AH132 offer options that are compact, stylish yet ergonomic.