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Apacer Retractable AH325 Flash Drive, 16GB
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Apacer Retractable AH325 Flash Drive, 16GB
Manufacturer:  ( APACER )
6,500 AMD

Simple yet exquisite design with easy-to-use retractable USB connector makes it the most fashionable USB flash drive with Zen simplicity
The AH325 adopts the popular contemporary architecture style: Zen. With an environmentally friendly design, it bears no additional painting or components, with only an engraved design on the original black surface of the material. At the front of the drive, the reliable Apacer logo is inscribed on the black surface with brushed finish. The engraved screw decorated in four corners symbolizing the endurance and robustness of the product. The back of the drive adopts a totally different style from the front. An easy-to-use retractable USB connector solves the common problem of losing USB covers. By simply sliding out the USB connector from the back, you can gain access to the important data in the flash drive without the need to worry about misplacing the cover. It is your ideal solution for storing valuable photos, document files, or video and audio files. The AH325 USB flash drive provides a simple but noble appearance, perfectly demonstrating the style of "Zen"