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Apacer Retractable AH328 Flash Drive, 8GB
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Apacer Retractable AH328 Flash Drive, 8GB
Manufacturer:  ( APACER )
4,200 AMD

A True Classical Piece Blending Technology and Aesthetics
AH328 leads the pack in the market with stylish and professional design. It showcases a metal-like, hairline and silver case with an etched Apacer logo and four refined screw-cap carvings on the corners, exuding sophistication and understated elegance. In addition to the well designed exteriors, AH328 encompasses many useful features on the back. The strap hole allows the user to carry or attach this nifty USB drive easily, offering true portability and convenience. And the sliding push key on the back integrates the functionality of a retractable USB drive and look of an exquisite high-tech product.