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Price Range:
 Less than 50 000 (4)
 50 000 - 99 900 (5)
 APC (8)
 Mercury (1)
Power Capacity:
 1000VA - 1499VA (2)
 500VA - 999VA (7)
Run Time (at full load):
 3.0 min & Under (6)
 3.1 min - 6.0 min (3)
Form Factor:
 External (2)
 Tower (7)
UPS Mercury Elite 1200 PRO
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UPS Mercury Elite 1200 PRO
Manufacturer:  ( MERCURY )
46,400 AMD
Input voltage 220VAC
Input frequency 50Hz
Input phase Single phase
Input socket With Fuse
Cold Start (0 to 100% load) Press the ON/OFF switch
Input range (220V) 140-300
Rating output (VA). 1200VA
Rating output (W). 720W
Waveform Battery mode(simulated sine wave),AC mode(sine wave)
Power factor 0.6
Rating voltage 220V
Output range 220Vac-7% to +15% in battery mode
Rear Output Socket 4 x Universal - Battery backup
Transfer time TYPICAL4-8ms
Communication Interface optional RS232/RJ11
Rating frequency 50Hz 
Line-mode Synchronize with the Utility
Battery mode 50 Hz±1Hz
Line Mode FUSE& firmware protection
Battery Mode Software protection controlled by firmware
Line Mode 110%±5%; Go to fault mode after 5 minutes, 120%±5%; Go to fault mode immediately.
Battery Mode 110%±5%; Shutdown after 5 seconds, 120%±5%, Shutdown immediately
Rating 2 X 12V/7.5AH (Actual rating 7AH) 
Backup time - Typical 20 to 30 mins (depending on load)
Charge current About 1A at normal mode.
Over charge protection 29V±0.2V stop charging, 27.4+/-0.2V recharge
Weight 8.6+/-0.3 Kg
Dimensions per unit packaging 395x205x258mm
Packsize per Master carton 2
Dimensions per Master carton 410x430x273mm