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Apacer Handy Steno AH129 Flash Drive, 4GB (Tiffany Blue)
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Apacer Handy Steno AH129 Flash Drive, 4GB (Tiffany Blue)
Manufacturer:  ( APACER )
3,700 AMD



Three Impressive Colors with A Metallic Pendant
Compact and Robust
Retractable USB Drive


Dazziling Metallic Accessories Coming into Style
AH129 is an iridescent and gracefully-lined flash drive with a luxurious metallic touch and refined glossy exterior. It is coated using three impressive colors–Tiffany Blue, Glaring Pink and Shiny Silver–on its delicate, glaringly glossy metallic body, to sublimate the overwhelming confidence as is exclusive to urban women. It goes with a silver metallic dual-chain pendant attached by a subtly-designed buckle made of zinc alloy for the finest touch. The exquisite finish and the bling-bling adornment make AH129 a genuine eye-catcher. Its trend-setting design fits every accessory of every style, and uses every detail to intensify the unique taste of fashionable women.