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Intel Entry Storage System (SS4000-E)
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Intel Entry Storage System (SS4000-E)
Manufacturer:  ( INTEL )
369,650 AMD
Storage Capacity Expandable to 4.0 TB – using four 1 TB drives
Drive Bays 4 Serial ATA (SATA) Hot Pluggable
Hard Disk Drive Supported 3.5 inch SATA
Processor A single Low Voltage Intel XScale 80219 processor operating @ 400 MHz
Memory Capacity 1 GB maximum, using 64-bit DDR SDRAM 512 MB maximum, using 32-bit DDR SDRAM
System ships with 256MB memory
IMPORTANT: Intel Entry Storage System SS4000-E uses an 80219 processor which supports a maximum of 1GB of 64 bit DDR SDRAM system memory and 512MB of 32 bit DDR SDRAM. The system ships with 256MB memory installed and as configured will support a maximum of 512 MB memory.
Memory Type Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM), PC200 – system ships with 256 MB memory
DIMM Slots One 184-pin DIMM socket
SATA Compliance SATA 1.5Gb/s
Client Connectivity Client Connectivity via Dual Gigabit Ethernet
Front Panel
LEDs Network Ports, Disk Activity / Fault, System Status, Power, Global Disk Activity
Power Power button
Back Panel
Buttons and Switches Reset button
I/O Connectors 2x RJ-45 Ethernet ports, 2 USB 2.0 Ports
Power Receptacle 1x IEC AC per installed power supply module
Form Factor Cube chassis
Height 214mm (8.42”)
Width 180mm (6.30”)
Depth 243mm (9.6”)
As shipped (zero drives): approximately 3.18 kg, 7 pounds
Fully configured (four drives): approximately 5.45 kg, 12 pounds
Shipping container: 7.75 kg, 17 pounds (includes overpack and accessories – with drives)
Height 311mm (12.25”)
Width 286mm (11.25”)
Length 489mm (19.25”)
Color Black
System Cooling
Chassis includes one single rotor 92 mm system fan for cooling the hard drives, baseboard and SATA backplane.
The power supply enclosure contains one 40mm fan.
Configuration 200 W continuous power supply. Intel Entry Storage System SS4000-E ships with one 200W power supply
Max AC input current (PS Enclosure) 4 Amperes at 115 Vrms, 2 Amperes at 230 Vrms
Max +3.3 V output
(PS Enclosure)
17.0 A
(total combined power for the+3.3 V and +5 V outputs should not exceed 65 W).
Max +5 V output
(PS Enclosure)
12.0 A
(total combined power for the+3.3 V and +5 V outputs should not exceed 65 W).
Max +12 V output current
(PS Enclosure)
10.0 A
Max -5 V output current (PS Enclosure) 0.3A
Max -12 V output current
(PS Enclosure)
0.5 A
Max +5V Standby output current (PS Enclosure) 1.5 A
Ambient Temperature Operating (system): 10 degrees Celsius to +35 degrees Celsius, with maximum change not to exceed 10 degrees Celsius per hour; non-operating (system): -40 degrees Celsius to +70 degrees Celsius.
Relative Humidity Non-operating: 90%, non-condensing @ 35 degrees Celsius non-condensing
Acoustics 4.7 BA in an idle state in at typical office ambient
Electrostatic Discharge ±15 Kilovolt (KV) per Intel Environmental test specification
System Cooling Requirement in British Thermal Units (BTU) per Hour < 680 BTU/hour